My Student Events: Job Vacancies (Guernsey only)

Presenting and Media Talent, Guernsey (16-18 years)

Part-time roles (8-12 hours per week)

My Student Events is looking for highly talented Guernsey-based individuals to create and present our amazing new media content.

MSE Version 2 is now ready to launch! You’ll be part of our young team delivering innovative breakthrough content, including live and location broadcasts.┬áThese part-time positions will be flexible, creative and exhilarating. You might have a performance or media background or just be an unsung talent. Either way, we want to hear from you.

This application is now closed.


Is this a real job?
Yes these are paid positions with My Student Events.

How long is the position for?
Obviously, this is a role based on talent. Initially, it will be 3-4 months and possibly well beyond that.

What does the job entail?
The job will be exciting and varied including presenting static and live media, updating, planning and creating content.

What hours are available?
There are positions ranging from 8 hours to 12 hours per week.

Where will the job be based?
This is a Guernsey-based role only. The company office is on Braye Road, and some of the work will be based there. However, media will be created on location and in other studio spaces so you will know Guernsey pretty well within a few weeks.

What days do I need to work?
We will be delivering rolling media so will require some flexibility in terms of working hours. Evening and weekend work is likely.

I am under 16 can I apply?
You need to be 16 years-old by June 1 2018.

I am over 18 can I apply?
For these specific roles we are looking at young people in the 16-18 age bracket. Other positions will be advertised in future.

Will there be an interview for this role?
Yes audition sessions and individual interviews will take place. Venue TBC.

Is there the opportunity to do work experience?
We may offer some work experience in the near future.

I have some more questions?
Do not hesitate to get in touch by email with any enquiries