• What is My Student Events?
    MSE is a dynamic platform helping you to find open days, tasters, study days and other events in seconds. Our fast responsive search gives you great options at your fingertips. We also produce great m

    Who is it for?
    The majority of events listed are aimed at the 13-18 market, although many are open to all young people or will include anyone who is 18+ years old.

    How do I navigate around the site?
    Put it simply, you don’t really need to. Just type it (e.g. Feb, Leeds, Science, Summer School) and MSE will find you some fantastic event options to look at.

    So do you just have University events on there?
    Absolutely not. MSE is packed with Uni open days and tasters but includes a large volume of non-university events such as apprenticeship fairs, skills shows and specialist listings.

    Are all events on MSE free?
    We have 100s of free events and some that do charge to attend. The cost of each event is clearly stated or you can filter for free or paid events.

    Can I book my place at events online?
    Not at this stage. MSE takes you exactly when you need to go to secure your place.

    What is MSE Media?
    MSE Media provides some entertaining and informative supporting content for MSE created by teenagers for teenagers. Take a look at our initial batch of quizzes, lists, polls and videos. There’s loads more where that came from.

    What about providers who want to get involved?
    We have just soft-launched MSE version 2. Keep an eye out or get in touch with us.

    How do I get it touch with you?
    Give us a shout at admin@mystudentevents.com or via our social media platforms.

  • How do I register as a provider?
    Registration is quick and simple. Just click on ‘Create Event’ and follow the provider registration instructions. You will need to approve your provider email to complete your profile.

    What type of events can I list?
    MSE currently houses open and information days, taster days, skills and enrichment events. Your event needs to be available to a wider audience as students, teachers and parents will be able to view your events through the MSE portal.

    What is the target market?
    My Student Events currently only supports events which go from school to pre-undergraduate level (e.g. Undergraduate University Open Days). This portal is not currently suitable for adult only listings, post graduate listings or events exclusive to current undergraduate students (or equivalent). Such events may be blocked at approval status. If you have a query or need clarification on this contact us at admin@mystudentevents.com

    How much does it cost to list an event?
    Events are currently free to create and list. If your events do not charge for people to attend, we anticipate that these will continue to be free for a little while yet. We run a credit system to list and you can add credits for free.

    How do I add credits?
    We are using a credit system to add and manage events. It is simple and free to add credits (literally two clicks) and you need your account to have at least one credit to publish an event.

    What happens when I publish an event?
    When you submit an event for publication, it goes to our team for review. We aim to review and publish your event live asap.

    Can I add videos to my listing?
    Oh yes! Currently, if you have a YouTube or Vimeo video to promote your institution or event type you can paste the URL in the ‘video’ section (on create/edit event) and it will appear on your listing.

    Can I amend, pause or mark my event as full?
    Yes, once your event is published you can amend/edit it by clicking the status buttons. This will allow you to pause an event (making it hidden from view) or unpublish it. Once published and live, the event will use a credit so you will need to add another credit before re-submitting if you decide to unpublish. Clicking the event full button will continue to show your event but will indicate it as full to those viewing it.

    Can I link to a direct booking site such as Eventbrite?
    Yes, that is absolutely fine. The event URL can be a link to your provider page or to a direct booking page such as Eventbrite. We are currently working on a system where providers can integrate their Eventbrite listings into MSE. Watch out for that very soon!

    How long will my event run?
    Listings disappear from view following the date of your event. They will appear in the expired section in your ‘My Account’ section and you can use this to edit an resubmit in future if you like. You can also set an optional expiry date or simply unpublish as desired from your account section.

    I have more questions?
    No problem. Get in touch at admin@mystudentevents.com and we will be happy to answer your queries.