About MSE

MSE plans to change the way that teenagers receive information about school, uni, events and important issues – essentially we are becoming a peer-to-peer platform. We hold strong values about how we can empower the younger generation to communicate, while continuing to highlight social and environmental responsibilities. As you can see, the majority of our staff are currently studying at school and college just like you!

Sasha Belford

Sasha is a year 12 student studying Drama, Media and Film. She enjoys the technical side of MSE, but she is most at home in front of the camera as one of MSE's presenters. She is passionate about creating media and is very excited to see where her new job takes her!

Heather Dowinton

Heather is a sixth form student, studying Media, Film and Sociology. You may not see her often on camera but she has a passion for filming and editing behind the scenes, so stay tuned on social media you may get a glimpse of her there!

Matthieu Mayer

Matthieu is a sixth form student who enjoys studying English, Media Studies, and Drama & Theatre. You will most often see him messing about in front of the camera and just enjoying each day as it comes.

Maya George

Maya is a sixth form student and a small island girl - she lives on an island called Herm which has about 65 permanent residents. She studies English, Philosophy & Ethics, and Drama & Theatre. Maya enjoys eating pizza, writing, walking her dog and attempting to make people laugh!

Millie Robinson

Millie is in sixth form studying Film, Business and Photography. She has a passion for the production of videos and mostly works behind the MSE cameras, although she can often be found on our Snapchat and Instagram!

Jade Irish

Jade is a year 13 student studying RS, Maths and Physics, though drama is what she enjoys doing most. She is more used to being on the stage, but is keen to use those skills in front of the camera. In the future, Jade hopes that more and more people of her age will enjoy MSE and is excited to see where the company goes.

Chris Black

Chris is the newest member of the MSE team, but he has quickly made himself at home both on and off the camera! He studies art, music, and french, and is looking forward to showing off his creative side whilst at MSE.

Laura Bampton

As Senior Executive, Laura has been with MSE from the early days. Her passion for the natural environment and creating positive change is helping to shape MSE's values.

Anthony Reynolds

As founder, Anthony recalls when MSE was just a series of sketches on a notepad. He is now tasked with empowering young talent to create a positive ethos and realise the company's big ambitions.