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Every year, over a quarter of a million students, parents, guardians and advisers visit UCAS exhibitions across the country. Why? They’re a chance for budding undergrads to get an insight into life after exams – whether that means university, volunteer work, a gap year or career opportunities. They’re a great chance to ask burning questions about what the future may hold, gather information and get inspired. And best of all – they’re completely free to attend.

Visitor event preparation

Know what to expect, ask the right questions and get the answers you need; being prepared for the exhibition will make sure that your visit is as valuable as it can possibly be. Just a few simple steps will get you thinking about how the exhibition can help you make some key decisions about our future. Find loads of preparation information, including handy videos and a downloadable guide at the Prep website.


Location: Edinburgh Royal Highlands Centre Edinburgh


Dates & Times

Date Start End
4 Sep 2018 09:30 18:00

Free to Attend

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